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    Management Company provides reliable business planning, management and advisory services backed by years of experience in the industry.

    We’re the best place to go for a sound business advice


    We will help you develop a business plan specifically tailored to your company and the industry you work in. Our team will also provide you with free consultations.

    We provide trusted and fact-based advisory services


    The right business advisory service can help your business rise to the challenges and leverage the opportunities presented by today's complex global economy.

    A Few Words About Us

    Management Company is a leading firm of business managers and advisors with offices across the USA. Our company was established in 1995.

    Throughout our history, we have assisted individuals, progressive businesses, and community organizations, with a particular focus on the middle market. Our principles have enabled us to develop unique expertise.

    Qualified Employees

    Our team consists of more than 40 qualified and experienced business consultants and advisors who are always ready to help you.

    Free Consultations

    Our acquaintance with a client always begins with a free consultation to find out possible solutions to their problems.

    100% Guaranteed

    We guarantee that with our services you will get unique and essential tools to manage your business processes without any complexities.

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    Success of Your Company

    We can make your company the leader of the market by providing high quality business management solutions. Schedule an appointment to find out more.

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    Business Planning

    We can create an efficient and reliable business plan designed to fit your company’s sphere of activity and industry experience.

    Equity & Venture Funds

    Our professional team will be glad to provide you with advice on managing equity and venture capital funds of small and mid-sized enterprises.

    Funds Management

    Management Company funds management services allow you to successfully deal with your company’s funds and cash flow by trusting these processes to our experts.

    Property Management

    Our team provides reliable property management services that include the administration of residential, commercial and industrial real estate.

    Investment Opportunities

    We provide the guide to investment opportunities for entrepreneurs. Our team offers necessary support for investors due to the possible risk.

    Non-US Opportunities

    If you wish to invest into or partner with a non-US company, using our assistance might help a lot, especially if you lack experience in international business.

    Our Team

    Nathan Porter

    CEO, Founder

    Mr. Porter founded our company in 1995 with a vision to help companies in the US achieve more. Today he manages the most important processes of Management Company.

    Jean Thompson

    Project Manager

    Jean not only works with our special clients, she also manages the work of the biggest Management Company department and assists in Business Plan Development.

    Brian Payne


    Brian is responsible for providing financial guidance and support to our clients and employees so they can make sound business decisions.

    Marie Fernandez

    Marketing Manager

    Marie is an acknowledged professional when it comes to managing our marketing campaigns and promotional events. She is our #1 marketing manager.

    Our Projects

    Business Management

    We provide companies with tools and strategies to improve operations and plan for the future.

    Financial Planning

    Our financial planning services help high net-worth individuals manage their monthly payroll and expenses.

    Tax & Accounting

    Tax and accounting services form the financial core of our business management services.

    Investment Management

    From automated investing to portfolio management, we can help you manage your money.

    Consulting & Advisory

    Consulting & advisory services provide strategic thinking to improve your business effectiveness.

    Business Plan Review

    Our Advisory team will jointly analyze and offer objective advice to enhance your business plan.

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